b2zone pricing

A fair price for you.

No registration fees.
No hidden costs.
No limited functionality.

Free use of our services (only a small flat fee per sold product).

Pricing overview

b2zone "mini" fee

per successful sale (product & digital offer)

1.50 CHF
*) b2zone mini fee is calculated automatically for selling prices equal or lower than 7.00 CHF.

b2zone fee

per successful sale (product & digital offer)

1.85 CHF

b2zone data storage

100 MB for free

1GB 1.85 CHF per month
Digital data sales are a b2zone standard feature. 100 MB are for free. If your need is higher you can purchase 1 GB for a monthly fee of CHF 1.85 (each additional GB costs CHF 1.85 as well). You only pay for the amount of data you use. The digital storage fee will be added automatically to your monthly invoice, which will be updated according to the maximum data usage.
You control how much data you store based on upload and deletion of files. The calculation for your monthly bill is based on the largest amount of data that you uploaded to our system during the month. If you delete files, resulting in a lower fee, the system will automatically calculate the adequate fee for the next month.

Additional fees may be incurred for payment to third party service provider PayPal.