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The process and the journey


Great art is offten produced under difficult circumstances. It can be powerfully human and convey emotions that resonate within each of us. For me, it has become a constant process of learning about the way a stone can be carved. Like the stone carving artists in Africa, I try to establish a true rapport with the emerging forms and, like them, I work directly onto the stone without producing paper sketches before hand. My early works were with soapstone which is a very soft stone because of its high talc content. It is very easy to carve but can also be scratched with a fingernail. It has been used in carvings for thousands of years by many civilizations from the Chinese to Native American. Soapstone is a great place to start to carve stone and can be easily shaped using rifflers and rasps. Smoothing is carried out using progressively finer sandpaper. When the desired smoothness is achieved the carving is heated, wax applied and finally buffed to bring out the colour. 






Zimbabwean sculptors


see there role as revealing the spirit, or living force within each stone. I see my role as revealing the beauty within the stone. My latest work uses Zimbabwean opal stone and it is both a reflection and tribute to this spirit.

It`s still a "work in progress" and very much a journey, where the journey will take me I don`t know, but I hope you can follow. Soapstone usually comes in a variety of geen, black and grey colours with brown and sometimes a very pale almost translucent green.  




Please take a look at the page "shipping fees" to calculate your final price. Handcarved from black and white veined soapstone on a stained wood base. This sculpture stands 25cm high with a maximum width of 16cm and weighs 4kg.

EUR €180.00



Please take a look at the page "shipping fees" to calculate your final price. This carving, in black and green soapstone, of twin female torsos was inspired by classic Roman and Greek sculptures of the past. Maximum size 19cm high and 225cm wide and weighs 4kg.

EUR €150.00



Please take a look at the page "shipping fees" to calculate your final price. Carved from Zimbabwean green opal stone, this sculpture was inspired by the beauty of African women. She stands 32cm high and 16cm wide and weighs 8kg.

EUR €200.00

Zimbabwean opal stone is harder than soapstone so consequently more difficult to carve. It also comes in pedominantly green and black but has reddish brown and creamy white varieties. The process of carving is very similar to that of soapstone, however because the stone is more resiliant hammers and chisels can be used to shape the stone. This stone can be used for garden sculptures.


The shipping costs to different countries vary and will add to the price of the product. Please find on page "Shipping Fees" the matching costs for your country.