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My name is Jim Hughes. I was born and raised in central Illinois. Carving is one of my many passions. I am a multimedia artist. Working mostly in antler ,with some wood, shell, and fossil ivory as well. While I've always enjoyed art. Carving is more of a new found love. I was lured by the challenge. Everything about the art seemed full of limitations. Then you add the limits of irregular shaped material like antler. I was sold. On March 1 of 2013, I decided to make that passion a career. I quit my manufacturing job of 18 years to pursue.






With no real training. I set out to learn. My work wasn't very good. I was selling a lot of " trinkets " at fairs, and craft shows. Mostly I was just trying to learn. And make enough money to feed the madness. I am still trying to learn every day. There is no substitute for hard work, and hours vested.

Along the way. I have met many great artists. So many have given helpful advice, critique, and inspiration. Sometimes I don't know what I do to deserve it. But, I am thankful.

In August of this year (2015) . My family and I packed up. We left Illinois in search of greener pastures. We landed in ozark country. A land filled with inspiration. Ready to write our next chapter.

Hedge spider

Another of my few wood carvings. This one is carved from aged bois d' arc root. This detailed spider measures about 2.5" beautiful colored wood. Sits in a fitted walnut box. 

USD $325.00

"Royal Flush"

This large moose antler carving brings that rush that every outdoorsman knows well. The flush of the royal Ringneck pheasant. His glory carved in full detail jumping from a fencerow. The base is carved into aged barn siding from solid alder wood. The overall piece measures24"w x 28"h x 14"d

USD $3850.00

Triangle signature necklace

This classy necklace is a made from a unique piece of weathered moose antler. it was polished and carved with my signature red J feather. The beads are turned from buffalo horn. The hand braided cord is 20" long with a toggle style clasp.

USD $60.00

"Autumns Welcome"

Autumns welcome brings me to my place along the river. I see bubbles form as the icy spring water rushes against the river stones. I smile as the water brings in tow, one of octobers colorful gifts. The maple leaf and stones are carved from moose antler. The water is sculpted from acrylic , mounted atop a hand made sculpted walnut base. overall piece measures 16"w x 10"h x 10"d

USD $850.00


Lloye about me:

Jim Hughes is an amazing artist. I have purchased multiple pieces from him and love them all. I have a necklace of foot prints in the sand and you can see the detail in every sea shell and even the grains of sand. I receive so many complements when I wear this piece as well as all the other pieces of jewelry I have purchased from him.   I asked him to do a piece for our daughter’s wedding and the piece he designed and created for the alter, was a beautiful angel out of an elk antler and mounted her on a beautiful piece of wood. I have also purchased several of his ornaments, they give a flare of “old fashioned” to my tree. My daughters absolutely loved them so I bought them each one for their trees as well. Jim Hughes is a very talented artist and will always be my favorite!


XL Jim Hughes Carving Piercing Vision  shirt

Heavy Gildan brand, dry blend (cotton/poly) website and Dragon eye image. size XL

USD $20.00

Snails pace

Snails pace was one of my hold outs for 2015. But, it is time to let him go. This adorable little snail is carved from whitetail antler. he hides in a little fitted walnut box measure 2.25"L x 1.25"H

USD $325.00

LARGE Jim Hughes Carving Piercing Vision  shirt

Heavy Gildan brand, dry blend (cotton/poly) website and Dragon eye image. size LARGE

USD $20.00


Each piece that I create gets a custom made hardwood box.  In my heart, I dont feel the work is complete, until it has a place to rest.  I see every project as unique. Therefore, each box must be different to fullfill the vision. They are crafted in many styles , from many different woods.  I use walnut, mahogany,  cherry, oak, and even some various burl woods.  There are many other materials used in the box construction. Hand made signature buttons, or plates from antler, contrasting woods, or fossil ivories. Each box is lined with felt or leather. To allow the artwork to lay safely within. There is often as much time invested in the box, as there is in the carving its self.   

there are no shortcuts to


Carved moose antler Horse neckpiece

This one of a kind horse neckpiece is carved from a solid piece of moose antler. It is a sure win for the horse lover in your life. A real statement piece.  The beads are all handmade from zebra wood and whitetail antler. The necklace length is 22". fully beaded with a carved antler loop and toggle style clasp.  Ships in a beautiful handmade mixed hardwood box. 

USD $650.00

Simple signature bead necklace

These classy necklaces are a made from a simple 5/8 diameter moose antler bead. The bead is turned to size, polished, and signed with my red J feather. the hand braided cords are 20" long with a toggle style clasp.

USD $35.00