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The interview in the b2zone artist portrait of Alessandro Della Pietra aka Al Digit

Al Digit

Illustrated mind moving digital art

Alessandro Della Pietra – Exhibition

Alessandro, your are creating a wide variety of wonderful different artwork, each unique and one-of-a-kind, your mind seems to be a library of neverending ideas, fantasies and deep thoughts. How – or where do you get inspired?

As for many, my first inspiration is my life and my experience, but I also like so much listening to others, and observing. So I’m curious to listen to stories of life of people, friends… I like to observe nature, things around me. There’s a piece of mine called “Nasone – Big Nose” that was inspired by looking at an old fountain. These kind of fountains are typical in Rome, and they are there since the last half of 1800. I imagined one of these fountains looking all the traffic and bad things of today, being sad.. this is just to give an example. I was often inspired also from sad experiences in my life, and it can be seen in my dark artworks period.


I noticed from the pictures I’ve seen that they are somewhat sad at one hand, on the other hand there’s mostly still something to sneak out there, something positive – or did I see that wrong?

Yes it is. Friends often tell me they can find humor also in my sadness, I think it’s my way to be. I have many feelings, thoughts, I’m a night owl, a hard sleeper, which is good for art, but sometimes bad for me.

A good way actually to still have some kind of humor, even in sad times!
Back in times Alessandro…your childhood, have you always wanted to be an artist? (like children say they want to be a fireworker or an engineer)?

Well, after first early wishes, wanting to be a cowboy or an astronaut, by watching cartoons and reading comics, I started wanting to be an artist very early. When I was around ten years old, I used to draw comics and people appreciated them, and they always laughed. I’ve always drawn, and I wanted to be an illustrator once adult. The second dream was to be a musician, but I had to chose one way.

When I was around twenty, an illustration teacher told me there was not so much work for illustrators in those years, so I stepped from brushes to computers and started working on graphics, photo shooting and photoretouching. After some years I had the chance to use my illustrator skills again and what I’m doing now was born. That makes me feel my dreams are fulfilled in part, because I now work on illustrations too.


That’s an awesome marriage of talents actually! And it makes obvious, that this was your path meant for you.¬†What’s the reason for your choice of “materials”, meaning motifs, way of editing and such?

The reason is simple…and maybe all painters or sculptors reading this will be disappointed… it is cheaper (I mean computers and graphic tablet), there are just a few things to bring when you move, you can do that everywhere, just having electricity and the medium to work at.
It’s like if you are a carpenter, and at the end of the day, after working on a wooden closet, then you start carving a piece of wood creating a little bird. At the end of my work days I started trying these new techniques.. and I started to like it! So after making layouts for magazines, or photoretouche for photo shoots, I started drawing by photoshop.

Yes, that’s indeed not only an explanation, but also a great source that makes you kind of independend, so you could create your art just when it hits you, that’s a great fortune.

Yes it is! Then I worked on personal techniques, so develped my own way to do that… I studied light behavior, reflections, fog and so on. I love particular atmospheres.

Alessandro, what would you consider to be your particular “crafting” skills, what makes your work “your work”?

As I was saying.. I think it may be my particular attention to details, lights.. and some say, my imagination. I let it to be unleashed and go everywhere, and I follow, so I sketch a lot. Surely, the skills about photoshop, photoretouching, mixed with illustration techniques play their role. Often I ask my friends if they can recognize me in my different artworks and they answer “yes”. I’m still trying to get better. I like to walk into my artworks, and I enjoy being part of them sometimes.

Oh yes, that shows, I can see that in every picture of you!

Some fun is needed sometimes and I enjoy more to play dark characters. I think art is a life-long development of the artist, applying a lot of own personal development. I want to go on this walk and see new places, more and more.

What is your most targeted feeling people should have when viewing your pictures, what do you want to address?

This is an interesting question and an answer to that can be found in my artwork called “Soap bubbles”. I want to get people to feel… deeply.
My work starts from deep feelings and I want to transmit them, but I like to have everyone find his or her own deep feeling in my work. I love reading comments of people and the different meanings they sometimes give to what I did. So if I’m talking about sadness, I like – that by my own sadness, someone can feel and understand his own sadness better. Or it may be love, or loneliness.. and so on.


As I want to address with my work “Soap Bubbles”, making art is like blowing soap bubbles filled with our feelings… they belong to us, but once in the air they belong to everyone, becoming a metaphor of life.

You are also playing the guitar, another artistic branch… and sure also a way of expression, have you ever considered writing a book? Novels, short stories maybe? What would it be of content if so?

I never considered it… I started working on pictures because sometimes I couldn’t find the right words to show my feelings.. but lately, many people were asking me about my work, and the meanings within it. So I started writing explanations, short stories and similar things, in order to explain the stories of my artworks. People seem to appreciate it, and I’m so glad about that. And sometimes people ask me the same thing “why don’t you write a book”? I don’t know, maybe in the future I will, who knows.

I figure that it is easier to first create an image and then tell a story with it, than the other way around?

Yes, the story is born in my mind and lights the fire of imagination and that makes the picture come out.

Alessandro, where does your journey as an artist lead to?

I would love to reach a perfect technique on one hand, and artworks full of meaning and feelings on the other hand.. more and more. I would love people appreciate my work because it tells stories.. and everytime they look at it, they can listen to a new story. I will go on with digital art, but if something new will be invented… well, I’m curious.. I will explore it!

Wonderful! That’s a true meaning to art!


Is there anything you would tell young artists to enchourage them to proceed and expand their skills?

Well, art is always a hard thing. When you introduce yourself as an artist, the classic sentence you hear is “and what’s your job?” I was lucky in some way, because my job was so close to my artistic activity, they were almost the same thing, so it allowed me to bring on them both. And today I can do my art as a job and that is very nice.

I would suggest to young people to never give up their dreams, to find the way to bring on their art, even if having a different job for living, share, watch, learn… learn from everything and everyone, even a bad person can teach us something. And to be curious and observe, and feel.. young artists.. never give up!

This is a wonderful advice to young artists!

Alessandro, thank you so much for that interview and your precious time.

Thank you so much, it was a pleasure for me.

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