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The b2zone artist portrait of Lisa Lynn Barth

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Timeless and captivating metal clay and wire woven jewelry art

Lisa Lynn Barth is a 53 year old very skilled and talented wire jewelry artist. Grown up in Minnesota, she moved to Ohio where she graduated college. She was a graphic design major in college back in times when nothing was vital yet but all done by hand still.

When she got married, she and her husband moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where she still lives today, always accompanied by her two sheltie dogs. Lisa raised two boys and she was a full time mom during this time, not feeding her artistic disposition.
This artistic disposition came to life again after her boys had grown up and she was able to find some more time for herself. She was already 40 years back then.

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Lisa Barth has always been the artistic type. When she was young she used to spend hours in her room, bending wire to little dancing ballerinas or drawing. The initial spark for starting her career as a jewelry artist happened to be at a home party for jewelry making.

Lisa was overwhelmed with all the beads and wire and findings she saw there and she thought she could never do this. Still that left her so impressed that afterwards she started researching the Internet for finding out more about jewelry making. And that’s were she started.

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Even though Lisa herself was feeling a little bit intimidated with her first jewelry pieces she crafted, people liked them very much and that encouraged her to continue and keep learning, which she successfully did, also inspired by Eni Onken, a master wire artist.

In February 2008 her wonderful work was published in the “Bead & Button” Magazine and she was chosen to be the cover story, which was an overwhelming and honoring experience for her, seeing her own work pictured on the cover of that magazine in the grocery store.

Lisa uses a combination of leather, cabochons, gemstones, beads, wire and metal clay to create her jewelry. That incorporates also carving, dying and tooling the leather she uses for her beautyful bracelets, bezeling metal clay around the cabochons and gemstones for pendants and weaving silver, brass and copper wire into outstanding artistic jewelry.

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All of Lisa’s artwork she creates in a sun room added to their house, which she has set up as her shop. Eventually, becoming a master in this kind of artwork, Lisa started sharing her knowledge with other people by teaching classes and she is a senior level certified teaching metal clay instructor. She has been published over 15 times in magazines and has appeared on Live television presenting her artworks.

Lisa’s dedication to pass on her knowledge and experiences lead her to write her first book in 2011 “Designing from the stone”, which was followed by her second book “Timeless wire weaving” in 2014 and currently she’s writing her third book.

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She is always learning and pushing herself to be achieve excellence. “I haven’t made it yet but I intend to take a life time getting there. Anyone who wishes to learn with me is welcome to come on aboard. Life is short, let’s have some fun”!

Lisa introduces her jewelry art through several online resources, such as her website
Facebook  or b2zone Artwork Collection and Pinterest