The b2zone artist portrait of Alessandro Della Pietra


The art of Al Digit – Inspiring and thought-provoking surrealist digital art

Alessandro Della Pietra aka Al Digit was born in Rome, Italy in 1973. He was also raised in this beautyful historical capital of Italy and still lives there today, accompanied by his beloved little dog-friend “Jack”.

From his childhood days, Alessandro has always been an observer and absorber of everything that surrounded him and he did a lot of sketching and drawing already back then. Actually in his boyhood days he dreamed of being an illustrator. As being blessed with many artistic talents, Alessandro also loves playing the guitar, which he started at the age of 15 and which he considers to be his obsession. Playing and listening to music is a big source of inspiration to him, thus it can be found a theme in many of his artworks.


Alessandro has studied all drawing techniques, like oil, poster paint, pencil and pen drawing, airbrush and so on. Eventually, about 20 years ago, he started working as a computer graphics designer, creating logos, all sorts of graphics and working for magazines, in fashion shootings and photo retouching.
At a certain point in his life he realized he could mix all these things and knowledge together and that’s when he started making digital art.

pPerseus and Medusa2

His top tools for creating his artworks are computers, digital photo cameras and a graphic tablet.
Alessandro uses specific software to work his photos, retouching them, drawing by graphic tablet or even sometimes completely drawing. He has developed his own personal techniques of creating his art, but still always exploring, looking to expand and seeking for something new.
He does a lot of sketching, everywhere he goes, to note every idea and visualize all thoughts in his mind right at the moment they appear. These sketches often make the basis for another artwork creation.

Snow White2

The artworks of great artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Salvador Dali are of great inspiration to Alessandro and furthermore his art is inspired by fantasy, movies, music, nature, fairy tales and very much by his own impression of things, emotional feelings and dreams.

All these components he transforms into his incredibly fascinating, multifarious and thought-provoking art, meeting his favourite quote: Nothing is impossible!

Alessandro Della Pietra, aka Al Digit represents his artworks through following internet sources:

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