Vasya Kazakhsha Portrait 620 01

The artist portrait of Aiman Sagatova aka Vasya Kazakhsha Style

Vasya Kazakhsha Portrait 620 01

Professional high quality hand crafted leather goods for individualists with upper standards

Aiman Sagatova is a young female leather worker and art designer who lives and creates in her tiny art studio in the heart of small english town Aldershot, Hampshire. Born and raised in Kazakhstan, Aiman has travelled some and has been living in other countries and cultures before she moved to UK.

She has two kids, and she wasn’t a leatherworker all her life. For several years she has had a career as a professional linguist, but the creative side of her character took things to the next stage, when hobby turned out to something more special.

Vasya Kazakhsha Portrait 620 02

Ever since she was a child, Aiman was always interested and skilled in creative artwork, which was also very much supported by not only her parents – as being creative minded too, but also by her art teacher in school, that gave her the opportunity to have access to the art room at every time, outside the school art lessons. So it happened that Ayman got to know and work with all different kinds of material, like using metal, stones, clay, she did embroidery, knitting and much more at a very young age.

When life moved on, Aiman switched her full time job as a linguist and professional translator to free lancing, to be able to take care of her children. This actually gave her some spare time, in which she urged to pick up creative work again, eventually found her love for leather working. That was only about 2 years ago.

Vasya Kazakhsha Portrait 620 03

Aiman is a completely self taught leather artist who got her knowledge from reading instructoral literature, watching instructural videos…and practicing a lot until she got to that stage of finding her work good enough for advertising and selling.
She converted her garage into her leather art studio to have enough work space for all materials, tools, and for processing.
Aiman has got a very strong attitude concerning quality in hand crafting and presenting her work, as well as personal and individual interaction with her customers.
It was only in the almost past year, when an irish friend of her considered that it would be a great idea to make a video about her artistic craftswomanship, to show people how much wonderful effort is put in creating her leather art. Since having a professional video made is quite expensive, a crowd founding was set up by Aiman’s friend to make it possible to have this professional video made. Another friend of Aiman offered to create the music to go along with that video as a gift and finally a wonderful, informative and high quality video was made as a good presentation of Aimans artwork and attitude.

Vasya Kazakhsha Portrait 620 04

The high attitude on quality of her leather art is also transported through the tools and material she’s using, she definately prefers to work with quality tools, even some handy vintage tools are used in creating her leather artwork and most of her inspiration comes from her own self.

As being a patient, disciplined and calm person, Aiman loves doing “big” projects which involve a lot of time and work for being made, but she also likes to do little side steps by crafting smaller items inbetween working on a big project. Aiman believes this to be necessary to keep eyes and mind busy and creative, to be able to pay attention to details.

Vasya Kazakhsha Portrait 620 05

As Aiman is always working on improving her skills even more, taking new challenges and learning new tasks, she is aiming on learning the art of making high quality custom leather shoe wear one of these times and may even also be diving into oil painting.

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