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Capturing beauty in pictures

Photographer John Ryan is an Irish man, born in the Curragh Co, Kildare, Ireland 49 years ago. He still lives in this area today. Curragh is a flat open plain of almost 5,000 acres (20 kmĀ²) of common land in County Kildare, Ireland.

John is what one calls a “late starter”…he started his artwork in photography when he was already 30 years old by just buying a camera and getting started.
It was the beautyful and pulsing things around him he was interested in. He just wanted to be able to capture these, and photography as he found, would make him able to do this.

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Seen from today’s perspective, it was a lot harder to take care of pictures that he took in the past, John says, since he had to make the effort of first getting the film reels to a shop for processing. And many of the pictures he had taken at this time didn’t get processed at all just because of that reason.
Only for the last seven years he’s been using a digital camera, all the years before he took his pictures with an analog Fuji camera.

Today he’s working with a Canon 70d, which he gifted himself with last christmas. John told us, that he’s still working to get familiar with this highly technical tool with all it’s specifications and options for photography.

Even though he has a very good eye and apprechiation for beauty in natural surroundings, the motifs John likes to shoot most are people, if he gets the chance to.

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For him, the inspiring thing in photographing people is the variety of expression and the vividness. Everyone is different and it is a challenge to capture this with a camera, it’s the challenge of capturing the beauty in moments in his opinion. Being gifted with an eye for the little things in beauty (or even the great things) John mentioned, was actually the reason why he took up photography – to capture moments of beauty in any kind, moments that cought his interest and created his wish to save them.

Capturing moments in pictures is something John also does in his chosen leisure addictment, which is traditional archery. And his eye for beauty shows as well in another artwork he does – building beautyful arrows, which he occasionally does for other archers, too. Needless to say that those arrows get beautyfully arranged and photographed as well.

4 John Ryan this world is upside down

John is a completely self taught photographer, everything he knows about photography and processing pictures he’s learned by himself, through try and error. For editing his pictures, he uses Lightroom 5 and Photoshop.

Even though John does photography on demand once in a while, he doesn’t consider himself a “Pro”, and the only places on the internet he shows people what he likes and what he does, is on Facebook and Instagram.

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