b2zone artist portrait of Anna Master

Wearable artworks for uptown tastes

Anna Master (Gemsforall) is a female artist of many crafts and skills and definitely a lover of fine arts. She was born in Estonia, but she now lives in Prague, the “golden City” of the Czech Republic, after some years spent in Cyprus.


Anna actually started her crafting business eight years ago. It all started when she was searching for something to keep her busy. So she turned to the internet and got immediately inspired by the arts and crafts movement.

02_Autumn in Woodland

She says, she first got introduced to working with beads at a friend of hers, so she tried that kind of work too, just to see if she could do something with her hands because she never had time to try before. Pretty soon she figured for herself that this came too easy to her and soon she started doing her own experiments with materials and techniques, since she wanted to create things “of her own”, with some certain, individual and personal touch to it.

03_Druids cuff

Being gifted with a flexible mind, she soon started experimenting with other natural materials, like leather, fur, wire and gemstones. Even an old leather jacket of her husband got to a new use when she cut it into pieces and used the material for her craft.
By mixing all sorts of matching materials, stunning “one-of-a-kind” artworks emerge of her hands and tell the love and passion for what she’s doing.

04_Сorazón de las Dríadas

Her crafting skills are completely self taught, she has even developed her own patterns and tutorials, which she also offers to other interested artists. And her creativity and vividness also shows in the way she markets herself and her artworks on the internet, since she can be found on all sorts of online platforms, and she sure is a good example for how an online small business should be performed.

Anna creates extraordinary jewellery like bracelets, necklaces, hair barrettes and so on, but also she got into leather crafting and creates wonderful items “of use”, like belts, purses, book covers and more with nice tooling, there seems to be no end to her talent and creativity.
Each of her artworks is unique and certainly made for people that are some kind of “out of the common” and who want something unique and special. She doesn’t like the strict rules and routine, that’s why she loves “freestyle orders” when the clients trust her imagination and choice of materials. Hating copy-paste she never precisely repeats any of her designs even if somebody asks for a copy. Each piece should be unique, otherwise “it’s not an art but just a work”, she says.

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