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b2zone artwork collection album index

  Facebook  b2zone artwork collection group album links in alphabetical order The Facebook b2zone artwork collection group is a public group for artists of any kind. In the group collection, the artists show and share pictures of their art and craft through their own photo album. A B C D E F G H I […]

b2zoneartis index

The b2zone artist index a reference book for our artists

  b2zone artist index Since the amount of artists presented by b2zone continuously exceeds, we realized the requirement of a structure and an overview to avoid a tedious search through all recent editions of our b2zone magazine and b2zone blog, should the artists want to share their contributions directly with friends or interested people. That’s […]

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Friends help friends

A small thought   We from b2zone magazine would like to feature and portray a lot more members of the b2zone artwork collection group. However, that presupposes high photo quality, because we want to present a glossy magazine. Many of our artists in the b2zone artwork collection group photograph with smartphones in portrait format, cropping […]

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The b2zone magazine background story

  Our innovation makes us happy A lot of positive feedback from you has shown us that you also have recognized the opportunities offered by the b2zone magazine. This is why we want to give you a little insight into the formation of it. Through your albums in the collection we see the high quality of […]